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7 Thanksgiving recipes that are WAY easier than roasting a turkey

Nov. 21, 2017
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So you're home for Thanksgiving—and all of a sudden, for the first year ever, your mom has told you that she expects you to cook. Or maybe you're a guest of honor at your significant other's parents' house, and you are determined to impress. Or else maybe you're doing a Friendsgiving, and you're in charge of one of the dishes. Whatever it is, if you haven't settled on a recipe in advance, you might be starting to sweat right about now. Not to worry: we've got you covered with these seven easy-as-pie (literally) Thanksgiving recipes!

Image via Drizzle Me Skinny's identical recipe. See, everyone's doing it!

Rotisserie-style crockpot chicken

If you're in charge of the poultry but can't handle a whole turkey, this roast chicken couldn't be easier. Determined to stick to tradition? You can roast a whole turkey breast using this same exact method.

Image via Autostraddle. (Recipe appears about halfway down the post.)

Friendsgiving pot-o'-beans

Vegetarian and agonizing over a proteinaceous centerpiece for your meal? Try this big ole pot-o'-beans recipe for a cozy vegan meal that even smells like you're cooking a turkey!

Image via Ambitious Kitchen, but trust us: the recipe below is better.

Maple-bacon Brussels sprouts

I have known these sprouts to convert many a Brussels-hater. (Read: me. It converted me.) The best part? This recipe is super adjustable—low-sugar folks can swap the maple syrup for balsamic vinegar, and vegetarians can sub in nuts for the bacon or skip that component entirely.

Image via Martha Stewart.

Easy cranberry sauce

The only cranberry sauce that's easier than this comes in a can. Feel free to adjust to your liking: add spices (like a cinnamon stick or freshly grated ginger), toss in other types of dried or fresh fruit—you can even pop in a sliced jalapeño towards the end for a more savory approach. Prefer a hands-off approach? You can make it in the slow cooker, too—just dump all the ingredients in the basin and cook on HIGH for 3 to 31/2 hours for a looser sauce, or 4-5 hours for a thicker sauce.

Image via the Kitchn.

Slow cooker mashed potatoes

In case you haven't figured it out by now, my slow cooker is my best friend—and yours will be your best friend, too, once you try this super-easy mashed potato recipe.

Image via the Kitchn.

Thanksgiving slaw

Pro tip: buy pre-shredded cabbage and you've got a sturdy, salad-y side that's ready in minutes flat.

Image via Chowhound.

Sweet potato pie

Anyone who claims that pumpkin pie is better than sweet potato pie is categorically, mathematically incorrect. Sorry, I don't make the rules—sweet potato pie is just superior; that's the way it is. And this recipe is the easiest one out there (especially if you use a store-bought crust—don't worry, I won't tell).