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Tarot For Beginners

Dec. 11, 2017
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Tarot For Beginners

Hey, all you beginner witches out there! For all that spooks and scares may be dominating the airwaves these days—perhaps you've heard that covens are the new sororities—most pop-culture witchery seems to be sadly bereft of information about the basics of getting in touch with your spiritual side. Case in point: tarot. Does American Horror Story: Coven offer any pointers on perfecting your celtic cross? I don't think so. 

Fortunately, we're equipped to bridge the knowledge gap. And at what better time than now, as the winter solstice is fast approaching? By brushing up on your crowd-pleasing tarot skills, you'll essentially be equipping yourself with the tools to wow any holiday party.

Curious how to do a tarot spread? Director Matin Kazemi gives us the skinny with this bewitching how-to.