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The top 8 films to check out this summer

Aug. 2, 2017
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‘Tis the season for Summer film releases! Whether your favorite film genre is romance, comedy, or horror, this summer has many film releases to choose from, whether you’re popping in a DVD at home or going out for a movie night at your local theater. Here are some of my choice films to check out this summer:  

  1. Girls Trip: July 21

Girls Trip is a comedy starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish. This film is about a group of friends going on an adventure together in New Orleans. Although each woman is at a different place in her life, their main goal is to have fun together, let loose, and maybe even find a little romance along the way. If you’re looking for a hilarious ensemble of women, this is definitely a film you’d want to check out!

  1. Step: August 4

Step is a documentary which follows a group of girls in a step dance team at their high school. This movie shines a spotlight on these teenagers and showcases the time and devotion they dedicate to their group and craft, all while simultaneously juggling their personal lives and academic duties. If you’d like to watch a film about empowering young women, then this might just be your film pick for the summer! 

  1. Kidnap: August 4 

If you’re looking for a thriller, this film might be right up your alley. Starring Oscar winner and all-around badass Halle Berry, Kidnap is about the lengths a mother would go to for their child. This film kind of gives off vibes from The Call, another Halle Berry film from 2013—

but this time, Berry’s character Karla Dyson is actively involved in rescuing her son Frankie (Sage Correa) after she sees him being kidnapped from the park they were visiting. If it’s suspense you want, this film is sure to keep you on your toes.

  1. The Glass Castle: August 11

The Glass Castle is a film about a family divided by morals based on the memoir by Jeanette Walls. Brie Larson stars as the author; Woody Harrelson plays Jeanette’s eccentric father, Rex Walls, opposite Naomi Watts as his calmer, more down-to-earth wife, Rose Mary Walls. As an adult, Jeanette strives to build a life for herself that completely differs from the adventurous, dysfunctional life she had growing up with her parents. While her parents are unconcerned with the world around them, Jeanette hungers for a structured environment. This film portrays what we all know about families: they aren’t perfect, but at the end of the day our families shape us into the people we are meant to be.

  1. Gook: August 18

Gook is a powerful film that tells the story of two worlds colliding. Set in 1992, Gook follows an 11-year-old girl named Kamilla (Simone Baker) who befriends Eli (Justin Chon) and Daniel (David So), two brothers who own a shoe store in L.A. It’s a story about people coming together despite their differences and fighting for what they believe in. Gook has been praised in many reviews and has been nominated for many awards.

  1. Polaroid: August 25

Warning: this film might just make you second-guess buying that cute vintage camera you found at the thrift store. Polaroid is a horror/thriller about an evil shadow that lurks behind the people in the photos taken by a particular Polaroid camera. Once the shadow has loomed over its prey, it takes them with no remorse. Kathryn Prescott plays Bird Fitcher, the photographer behind the camera who unknowingly helps the shadow find its victims. A twisted story about the imagined dark side of a beloved pastime, this movie would be the perfect horror film to sit and watch with a group of friends. 

  1. It: September 8

It is back! Your least favorite clown is making his horrid comeback this summer as Stephen King’s book once again comes to life on the big screen. This film will be about seven children and their encounters with the evil clown himself. Did you think the original film was terrifying? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  1. Battle of the Sexes: September 22

Let’s face it: the Battle of the Sexes—the iconic 1973 tennis match where Billie Jean King totally served (get it?) Bobby King on the court—is a little before our time. Luckily, we can all get caught up on the facts this summer with the film Battle of the Sexes, starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell as King and Riggs. This film is not only about a competitive sport—it also portrays what feminism was like in the ‘70s. Although I’ve no doubt Carell and Stone will come through with their amazing comedic abilities, this movie is also sure to be quite the education.