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Summer lookbook

Aug. 6, 2018
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Photos by Carson Scott and Allison Barr.

Carson Scott

The idea of a summer lookbook stood out to me because, as a fashion photographer, I always find fascination first in clothing and style. I feel like one’s style often reflects on the person wearing the clothes, and I love how people can express themselves in such different ways through dress.  I really, truly believe that a person should be able to wear and express themselves how they wish, free of judgement or stress. In my art I normally lean towards experimental fashion, so I took this summer-themed lookbook as a challenge and tried to create light, summery looks, taking inspiration from yellow and pale colors.  

Allison Barr

Carson and I have always wanted to collaborate together, as we’re both photographers with similar styles in the same town. I have always wanted to work on styling my own shoots, so working with Carson was a dream. We focused on summer colors and adding extra spunk to whichever outfits we chose. During this shoot, I felt so confident and comfortable. I hope it translates to our audience that you can be comfortable in and rock whatever you want to wear. Fashion possibilities are endless, and I really look forward to exploring this more in my future work.