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5 summer trends we can't get enough of

Aug. 3, 2017
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Thus far, the fashion of summer of 2017 has been brilliant, colorful, and fun! This season’s trends are totally tactile and texture-based, featuring copious amounts of thread, laces, faux fur, and pom poms. If you combine all of these trends, you might look like a walking arts and crafts project—which we are totally into. Whether you wear these popular fashions all together, combine a few, or just try one at a time, one thing is for sure: you should try them! This summer is your shining chance to add pieces to your closet that make you feel bold and beautiful. Be on the lookout for these trends in your favorite shops, and take a peek at my personal recommendations!  

Floral Embroidery 

Pictured above: Ashleigh Embroidered Maxi Dress by Nasty Gal

Summer is in full bloom, just as you should be. This is possibly my favorite trend of all time—embroidered floral patterns have been adorning your ensembles from head to toe. Black mesh appears to be the favorite venue for these garden-inspired looks, allowing the colors and shapes of the flowers to speak for themselves. Nonetheless, embroidered flowers have been blossoming on garments of all colors and fabrics! If you love this trend, you may want to live out the rest of your life in this beige Selfie Leslie Embroidered Romper from Forever 21.

Tassel Earrings

Pictured above: Cordelia Tassel Hoop Earring in color Red by Urban Outfitters

It’s time to ditch your big, bulky metal earrings for long, colorful tassels! Tassel earrings are an instant classic and are sure to carry over into the autumn season. Available in all of your favorite summer hues, they are the perfect accessory to add a pop of color (or multicolor!) to any outfit. Add these black tassel drop earrings to your next business casual look for an added bit of flair! A great pair of tassel earrings are a great way to draw attention straight into your beautiful face - this summer and all year long!

Lace-Up Details

Pictured above: BDG Pinup Lace-Up High-Rise Short from Urban Outfitters

Lace-up and corset details are typically reminiscent of antiques and the Victorian era—but not the way 2017 is doing it. Shorts and skirts with laces down the sides create scandalous “peek-a-boo” moments on your hips. Corset details are also appearing on dresses and even casual tees, such as the Get Your Act Together Corset Tee by Nasty Gal. Tying the ribbons tighter creates a more cinched-in look around the waist!

Faux Fur Slides

Pictured above: Rachel Shearling Slider in color Black by boohoo

Sliders shoes decorated in faux fur have become the number one comfy-yet-stylish go-to this summer. Snag your own pair—possibly in every color—to feel like you’re in fluffy slippers all day long! If you’re feeling extra bold, you can combine trends by grabbing the Embroidered Floral Faux Fur Slide Sandals from Urbanog—and, yes, they come in pink!

Pom Pom Trim

Pictured above: Pom Pom Trim Denim Crop Top by Forever 21

Good news: pom poms are no longer reserved for DIY time. This summer they have been constantly reappearing as playful trims, even adorning shoes such as the On the Ball Pom Pom Sandal by Nasty Gal! You can even take your love for arts and crafts to the beach with you by donning the Granada Pom Pom Bandeau Bikini from boohoo.