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Study Hacks

Oct. 12, 2017
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Studying is fun... said no one ever. But what if you could use a few study hacks to make things easier? These tips can be applied to any grade level, from grade school all the way through grad school. Try the study hacks below alone or in combination for maximum study power.

Study Before Bed

Have you ever fallen asleep while watching a movie, only to find your dreams haunted by characters and locations from the movie you just watched? For many people, their last experiences of the day stick with them even as they sleep. If you have an exam first thing in the morning, a study session right before bed may help all the details sink in and remain on your mind when it’s time to use them in the AM.

Use Your Calendar

Many people underestimate how helpful a calendar can be. We often only use calendars to write down a vacation or a birthday, but it can be used for much more. Do you have multiple exams to study for? Need to get more organized with schoolwork? Use a calendar to keep track of when assignments are due, and which days you intend to study for each upcoming exam. Using a calendar can keep you on a regular study routine and help you stay on top of schoolwork.

Quiz Yourself

Why wait until the actual exam to test yourself on the material? A great way to see where you stand is to give yourself a practice quiz. Oftentimes your textbook has test questions, or you can use your teacher’s syllabus to determine what will be on the test. (Pro tip: trying to guess at the format and content of the test may also help you figure out how to best organize your study sessions.)

Group Study

“Strength in numbers” is a cliche for a reason! Studying with a group can be helpful in learning: if you're confused, you'll have people to talk it out with, and there is bound to be someone who understands the parts that you don’t. By studying in a group, you can learn more and have a little fun while doing so, especially if your study group has some of your friends. (But be honest with yourself about which friends will actually help you get work done and which will just distract you.)


Don’t forget to take a breather! If you get too stressed out, it could affect how well you study. Be sure to take breaks when needed, eat a healthy diet, and get a good night’s rest to be ready for exam day. You got this!

Cover Image by Sita McVay