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Some type of love

Oct. 20, 2017
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Some Type of Love stems from a fascination with the idea of love and what it’s like to be in a relationship. Growing up, I never really had a perfect example of what a loving, romantic relationship was supposed to look like, and I think that as I have gotten older, my curiosity surrounding relationships has really influenced how I take pictures and why I gravitated towards portraiture. There is something intimate about taking portraits of someone: while I am working to establish some sort of relationship with my subject, I am also trying to understand their own life relationships and how I can channel their experiences into the photographs we create together.  

Some Type of Love was ultimately a collaboration between my model Stephanie and me. Stephanie had just come back from a few months in Italy, where she met an Italian guy in a chance encounter and found herself in a whirlwind relationship that took her completely by surprise. In this series, I wanted to portray Stephanie’s feelings in both a visual and written manner, even without him being physically present in the photographs. 

It was a beautiful experience to take photographs of someone in love, and I hope it translates through my work in Some Type of Love.