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Sleeping in your ‘birthday suit’: strange or amazing?

Sep. 20, 2017
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Summer is winding down—that means we’re heading into our final stretch of long days, cool drinks, and hot weather. But even now, in mid-September, I find it difficult sometimes to sleep at night because of the overwhelming summer heat that sinks in the air, the blankets and the sheets that cover you when you sleep and the clothes that stick to your skin from sweating all day. And with this come the usual “toss and turn” at night, the quick trip downstairs for cool water, the hours spent lying on your back staring at the ceiling and wondering: “Why is it so hot?” Definitely not cool. 

But, whatever your method is for staying chill—whether it’s having your electric fan all night, cooling your entire room with your AC or leaving your window open—that will all change with one easy method: simply take off your clothes.  

It sounds awkward reading that line (especially out loud), but sleeping nude is a “summer-proof” benefit as well as an amazing way to maintain your physical and mental health. Plus, it can help boost your confidence—not just in yourself but in your body. I’ve recently started going to bed without clothes, on and I have never woken up more refreshed in the morning. I’ll explain why:

Nude sleep = quality sleep + ‘beauty sleep’

When you go to sleep, your body’s temperature drops to restore your body’s energy. That’s why it may be difficult to sleep, and you feel wide awake when you’re over-heated. Sleeping naked can help with reducing and regulating your body temperature, so you can fall asleep much quicker and have a much more restorative sleep. You could also say that “nude sleep” is equivalent to a “beauty sleep” because having a longer and more restorative sleep can help you fight acne and keep your skin looking glowing and youthful!

It lowers your cortisol

Having a much cooler sleep not only helps you have a longer sleep—it also reduces stress and anxiety. Being wrapped and covered in layers of fabric when you try to get some shut-eye increases levels of cortisol in your body, which makes your stress levels go into a frenzy. But going nude under the blankets reduces that, thereby also reducing anxiety and even depression. 

You’ll save Money

Sleeping nude can actually help you save some bucks. Rather than spending your time and money scouring the stores for cute pajamas, you’ll find that simply going naked is much simpler and cheaper. And you’ll still look cute!

You’ll feel so free

Clothes can limit your body’s movement. And when you’re trying to doze off, you may find yourself moving around to find that perfectly comfortable position. Well, when you sleep undressed, you don’t need to worry about that. Sleeping with no clothes on allows your body some freedom and some space to breathe.

You’ll gain confidence

Sleeping in your full birthday costume can help you improve your confidence! Bonding with your bare body will help you embrace more of yourself and make you more comfortable in your own skin. With this, you are able to hold your head higher, be more ambitious and feel even more beautiful when you wake up in the morning. 

Sleeping bare does sound bizarre, and it’s admittedly not very common—only 8% of the population snoozes nude. Nor is it very commonly talked about, since nudity is still a bit of a taboo topic. But being naked is a very natural thing—I mean, as cliche as it sounds, we were born naked. (And we even shower naked. Just saying.) So it should go without saying that there’s not much harm in getting undressed before hitting snoozeville.