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Six badass feminist companies that give back

Mar. 21, 2017
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This year has already gotten off to a rocky and stressful start. The proposed travel ban and heinous healthcare reform plans are enough to send anyone over the edge; it’s important we all stay focused on the goal 

The following are not only badass feminist companies, they each donate to important causes such as Planned Parenthood, which is pretty much like giving a gift to every woman in your life, right?

While we may have lost the election, we did not lose our drive. And since this new year has come off to such a stressful start, perhaps it's time to treat ourselves and our loved ones to some nice reminders of who we are and what we're here to do.

These following feminism-themed gifts are perfect for the Nasty Woman in your life, and purchasing from these spots helps give back to the causes for which we are constantly fighting.

1. Back Up Box by No Kitchen Sink

This monthly subscription service contains different items for feminists fighting the good fight, including handmade jewelry and a few other awesome items. Each month, the company chooses a different humanitarian organization to donate 10% of its proceeds to. 

2. Embroidery by Stitches Be Krazy

Stitches Be Crazy is an Etsy store which donates 20% of every sale to the ACLU. Given what's going on right now with Trump's proposed travel bans, donating to the ACLU is now an absolute necessity.

3. Jewelry by Knuckle Kiss

Knuckle Kiss is also an Etsy store. 20% of every sale is donated to Planned Parenthood.

4. The Outrage, DC

The Outrage is a DC-based store. 15% of every sale is donated to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

5. Jewelry by Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl is an Etsy store which donates $10 from every sale to Planned Parenthood. 

6. Jewelry by Little Bee and Bear

Little Bee and Bear is special in that they donate 100% of every sale to the ACLU. 

If you're going to shop for some new things, whether for yourself or for your badass feminist friends, might as well support the very businesses fighting alongside all of us.