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Say yes to that *perfect* summer body

Aug. 15, 2017
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Summer body: two little words that can make anyone drop their pizza and enter into full panic mode. As the temperature starts rising, the gyms begin to fill up with individuals who have suddenly realized that the pool party invites are just around the corner. 

These two little words are the ultimate trigger for anyone who is not completely in love with their physical appearance, setting up unrealistic standards for what someone in a bathing suit should look like.

Although I do love those days by the water, the warm nights, and the perfect excuse to day drink, summer also brings with it a lot of anxiety and insecurities. Not only are we faced with the reality of showing off what we’ve been covering up under those comfy sweatshirts all winter, but soon the advertisements for new diet pills and get-slim-quick “hacks” begin popping up everywhere, trapping us in a haze of our forcefed media standards.    

This summer, it’s time to make a new commitment to yourself: say yes to your perfect summer body. 

Yes, you read that right. It’s time to say yes. 

Say yes to those beautiful curves that you work so hard to cover up, and to those thighs that just like to be close to one another. Say yes to that bathing suit that you’ve been hiding in your closet for years—you know, the one that you secretly bought in hopes of one day being able to wear it out in public. Say yes to celebrating positive body image standards and acknowledging that we are all wonderfully different. Say yes to feeling confident that you are truly beautiful. 

It’s time to say yes to the fact that the body you have when summer hits is your perfect summer body. Lets reject the body-shaming trend. The only thing that you are too much of is hard on yourself. Embrace the positive, and realize that the only person judging you is you. This summer, stop sulking and start soaking.

So the next time your friend adds you on their new “summer fitness journey” IG page, celebrate their choices, but acknowledge that your own journey and lifestyle are very different from theirs. Rock your own path of self-discovery!

As cliche as it does sound—and, trust me, I know it does—the sexiest thing you can wear this summer is your confidence. So grab those shorts and that cute new tight top you’ve dying to wear, and say yes to your perfect summer body all year round!