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“Save me from myself” - Radiant Baby [MUSIC VIDEO]

May. 5, 2017
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“Save me from myself” - Radiant Baby [MUSIC VIDEO]

Laurence Philomène is at it again--this time with a gorgeous, resplendent video for the irrepressibly bright song "Save Me From Myself" by Radiant Baby.

Radiant Baby is the musical alter-ego of Montreal musician Félix Mongeon, and the name reflects the spirit of joy which Mongeon brings to all things Radiant Baby. According to their website, Radiant Baby "wishes that the separations between people could be bridged with love-infused music"--and it shows. Through a combination of uplifting beats, playful synthpop melodies and dramatic vocals reminiscent of '80s new wave, Radiant Baby's music conveys an atmosphere of inclusivity, celebration and security.

When Laurence sat down with Mongeon to develop the concept for the music video, they arrived at the image of a "beautiful mess"--an intimate, welcoming atmosphere of technicolor chaos, with Mongeon as the sole subject of the video. Mongeon crushes fruit in his hands, smashes a ceramic rabbit, and pours liquid all over himself, all the while radiating a cheeky, joyful energy. And in true Laurence style, the video is a smorgasbord of sumptuous textures, candy colors, and--well--literal candy.

Check out more of Radiant Baby's music, and watch the video above!