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Recommended Dish: 9 Countries with Crazy Good Cuisine

Jun. 29, 2017
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I have not tried all of these foods, but I LOVE FOOD….. and to try new cuisines out. So, I compiled a list that reflects both popular choices and choices I personally would like to try. 

Try these food staples from around the world! 


Manti: Looks similar to Ravioli. This savory, filling dish has Turkish dumplings filled with beef or lamb. The flavorful sauces include tomato sauce, and a yogurt sauce. A dish to try if you want something different yet familiar.

Baklava:  A sweet treat with a slight crunch. The crispy filo pastry can be filled with finely chopped walnuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios. Then a syrupy mix of lemon, water, and sugar is drizzled over the fluffy snack. A nice bite for your sweet tooth.

via: Tumblr- Dolma

Dolma: Can come in many forms. This method involves stuffing a vegetable with rice, meat, and spices. The common vegetables to stuff are peppers and tomatoes. An interesting food bursting with flavor.


Ube ice cream: Created from a purple yam native to Southeast Asia. The alluringly colored produce is used as the base for this creamy, cool ice cream. Ice cream…. So versatile….. So delicious…

Pancit Palabok: A very inclusive noodle dish. Noodles topped with shrimp sauce, shrimp, fish, pork, eggs, tofu, and vegetables. You’ll get a lil bit of everything in this daring combination.

via: Tumblr- Pancit Palabok

Ukoy: Easy to eat and easy to bring along. These fritters consist of shrimp, sweet potato, carrot, and annatto. This dish makes a great appetizer or snack. Snack on!


Eton Mess: The expected summer dessert. This is a delectable combo of soft whip cream, meringue, and strawberries. Grab this light treat to refresh your mood.

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Where “Pudding” is more of a sponge cake. The thick cake is rich with the taste of dates, vanilla, and heavily drowned in an oozy toffee sauce. Dive in and indulge!

via: Tumblr- Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips: A well-known casual eat to try. Crispy, yet soft, deep-fried fish accompanied by thick golden french fries, which are called chips. Popular sauces on the side are tartar, curry, and mushy peas. Definitely on the “Classic Combinations” List!


Waterzooi: A warm stew for you. Carp, cod, and halibut are the common meat for this originally fishy stew. Nowadays, chicken as become a protein to use in the stew. The rest of the stew is spiced up vegetables. Here’s some comfort food to warm you up

Chicon Au Gratin: Made for cheese lovers. Endives are wrapped in ham, and then graced with a covering of cheesy goodness. The cheesiness is Mornay sauce. Yum, yum yum.

via: Tumblr- Chicon Au Gratin

Waffles: Exactly what you think, but better. A huge cast iron waffle is topped with a variety of sweet, salty, and tangy choices. Possible choices include whip cream, chocolate, cherries, caramel sauce, powdered sugar, raspberries, strawberries, pretzels. Get creative, and be sure to snap a picture!


Pão de queijo: Another quick bite for the cheese lovers. This cheese bread is soft, fluffy, and round. However, they are sometimes made a bit crispier or tougher. Embrace the soft, cheesy nature of this yummy bread.

via: Tumblr- Pão de queijo

Acarajé: A street food to pick up along your adventures. Made from black bean flour, this is deep-fried and filled with shrimp. Great for break time!

Pavê: A sweet sugartopia. The heavy cream, whip cream, and powdered sugar gives the cake a super sweet taste. To battle the creaminess, cookies and biscuits are added to the mix. Don’t be surprised to find some fruits, like strawberry, tucked within the layers. Be careful of sugar overload.


Naengmyeon: Cold, refreshing buckwheat noodles. You can have mul or bibim. The mul is a chilled broth with a pear for a light taste. The bibim is a spicy sauce popularly used in Korean dishes. Along with a hardboiled egg, both have vegetables. Get ready to chill out. Warning: Make sure to cut the noodles, as they are long and chewy.

via: Tumblr- Naengmyeon

Ddukbokki: Soft, spicy, and shareable. Rice cakes usually come in a cylindrical, stubby form. The rice cakes are mixed with vegetables and fish cakes in red pepper sauce. Everybody dig in!

Sundubu Jjigae: Also based in hot pepper sauce. This is a spicy tofu stew with vegetable and hardboiled egg. Hot in taste and temperature. Don’t burn your tongue enjoying this stew.


Arepa: Another Filling Treat. An assortment of veggies, cheese, and sauces are stuffed between two slices of maize (corn) bread. This thick sandwich might take some work to eat, so enjoy every bite!

Caraotas negras: Can be found in a number of places. Black beans are used in soups, arepas, with rice or as a stand-alone side. The beans are not spicy, but do gain flavor from being slow-cooked and seasoned with traditional Venezuelan style. Eat up!

via: Tumblr- Tajadas

Tajadas: Yummy plantains. Fried plantains can be sweet. This is sometimes accompanied by mozzarella cheese. Grab some as a side or a snack!


Gumbo: Bursting with flavor. The stew can be a combination of meat, shellfish, and vegetables in a variety of ways. Classic choices include shrimp and okra. It’s saucy!

via: Tumblr- Gumbo

Mac n’ Cheese: Cheesy gooiness with a golden taste. Tender pasta is drowned in cheese. This popular food has different forms. The cheese holding the dish together will be either gooey, clumpy, crispy, or stiff in a pie-like form (Macaroni Pie). Get a fork and chow down!

Soft Pretzel: Bread in various twisted forms; commonly a bow shape. The baked dough is tied in a knot shape, and dusted with salt. Soft Pretzels can be found at street vendors, sport games, schools, company events, almost anywhere. The classic condiments are mustard and cheese. You can brush some salt off the pretzel if you want.