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Recipe for a cozy room

Aug. 29, 2018
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  • Lights
  • Color
  • Empty space
  • Love 

I’m sure my fellow introverts can agree when I say that our rooms are important. They’re more than just a place for sleeping or where we keep our things. Our rooms are our sanctuaries. They’re the place we go to when we need peace and quiet. They’re a place where we feel safe, not necessarily to hide from everyone else but to understand more about ourselves. Naturally, our rooms need to be comfortable in order to meet such criteria. As someone who spends more than enough time in her room, I feel qualified to offer tips on making yours feel cozy. 

It’s all about lighting.

I’m very picky when it comes to the lighting in my room. I avoid cool light—which is commonly found in dorm rooms—at all costs. Warm lights are my go-to. Warm lights are key. They add a certain element to your room that cool lights can’t. Many studies show that warmer lights are more relaxing because we associate them with evening. This New York Times article explains that lighting affects our circadian rhythm—the internal clock that tells us when to sleep, wake up, and eat. The warm lights in your room are likely to have you feeling relaxed and unmotivated to move, so I don’t recommend them for a study space.

There are plenty of styles of lights—string lights, lamps, night lights, etc. Choose the kind that fits your personal style. I like to use a good mix of string lights and lamps. All major home decor and retail stores will sell them, but thrift stores, flea markets, and your aunt’s old attic are likely the best places for unique finds.    


In addition to lighting, color is also very important. I would advise you to choose your favorite colors, but there are certain ones that will make your room feel a lot cozier than others. This article says that darker hues are best; however, I also suggest throwing in some warm reds, oranges, and yellows. These are the colors of fall, and whether it’s your favorite season or not, it’s undoubtedly the coziest time of the year. With that said, white is another good choice. White reflects light, so a combination of white and warm lights will make your room glow.  

Fill your space.

I don’t recommend turning your room into a hoarder’s haven, but filling the right amount of space will make it a lot cozier. Whether it’s books, posters, tapestries, or odd furniture, filling the spaces in your room will make it a lot more cave-like. 

I love photography, so I like to hang lots of pictures on my walls. I also like to frame some of my favorite motivational quotes and put them on the wall. A large rug is also a nice touch. Bare floors can be cold (not to mention boring), so spicing it up with a cool rug will make your room feel a lot warmer. 

Lots of love  

Fill your room with things that hold sentimental value to you. This could be pictures of loved ones, letters from a significant other, or whatever else makes your heart flutter. Surrounding yourself with things given to you by the ones you love can make your room feel like home even when you’re many miles away. Plus, it’s nice to revisit some of life’s best moments every day. Make your room as personal as possible. It’ll add a lot of character and will also make it feel like you’re coming home to a close friend. Remember, our rooms are our sacred spaces, so pour as much love into it as you can.