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Nearness Quarantine tableaux

Oct. 6, 2020
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I began working on this photo series of tableaux during the third month of quarantine. After losing access to my shared studio space due to the pandemic, I started using my room as my studio. Like so many creatives, I’ve been grappling with a lot of pent-up creative energy. There’s an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, bouts of dissociation, frustration, and a general sense of ennui. Making these images allowed me to spend time away from the hypnotizing spell of screens and to find solace by exploring the feelings, patterns, and habits that have defined quarantine life for me. The images take inspiration from parts of my daily routine, including gardening at home, reading voraciously, self-medicating, and savoring copious amounts of fruits and sweet treats to cope. As the pandemic has turned our lives upside down, it felt apt to explore these narratives from a more surrealist point of view.