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Nearness Playlist: I don't write songs anymore

Aug. 13, 2020
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It’s hard looking at my guitar every day knowing that I don’t write songs anymore. After a year-long hiatus from songwriting, I saw quarantine as an opportunity to get back in touch with music, but never anticipated it would be so challenging to start songwriting again and that I would feel so disconnected from myself in the process. Making music, once my main creative outlet, now seems so distant and unattainable.

I wanted to put together a playlist of songs that have inspired me throughout the years to help get the creative juices flowing again. These songs make me laugh, dance, think, and sing along feverishly. In other words, they remind me why I was drawn to songwriting in the first place and nudge me to keep trying despite relentless writer’s block. I hope they'll help inspire you to do whatever it is you're struggling to do right now.