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McDonalds' Social Media Team Proves Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Mar. 16, 2017
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It would seem not a day goes by where our fearless leader has not caused or inspired some sort of social media shitstorm. Today has been no exception, but it was the unnamed hero on McDonalds' social media team who has caused the uproar. 

The official Twitter account for America's beloved fast food chain went after our Commander in Chief on Thursday morning. Although this clearly fed-up social media rep likely got canned following the scathing tweet, we're pretty glad they risked it all for those 140 delicious characters.  

The pinned tweet was posted around 9a.m. and was left up for about 20 minutes before being deleted. The Internet, however, never forgets a tweet. 

It was screenshot and shared over and over again, with the most amazing responses from the Twittersphere.  

Some are quite certain the tweet was sent out by McDonalds' Executive Vice President of Global Communications, Robert Gibbs, who served as Obama's former press secretary.  

And others are quite certain the account was hacked by a very suspicious king.   

What comes as a surprise to, well, no one, many 45 supporters are now choosing to boycott McDonalds. 

But, in my almost always correct opinion, if they think doing so will hurt the corporation (and to quote our absurdly inarticulate president) they're probably pretty damn "Wrong!"

At least this new social media storm has brought about some pretty valid points, which will simultaneously make you laugh and sob. 

I'm sure that at some point in the near future, the hero behind the hot and fresh tweet will reveal themselves. I'd just like to thank this person for going rogue and openly joining the resistance. 

Also, I'd like to thank them for helping me pick where I'm going to eat lunch today. And I won't be eating alone, which is also very nice, I must say.