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Feb. 9, 2018
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These could be your legs, your friend Sam’s legs, or just a stranger’s legs. They’ve held you up for the past 23 years you’ve been on this earth. You used them to dig deep and not give up when the tides grew dangerously strong. These legs are the curiosity of your youth. You dress them up in all the colors of the rainbow because you like how bright the world can be. When you were eight years old, you ran so fast carrying your little sister Frankie home after she fell off her skateboard and chipped her front left tooth in the CVS parking lot. You’ve shown tenderness with these legs—in elementary school you played footsie under a cafeteria table with your secret admirer.

Legs can also be gangly and even awkward at times, but you’ve managed to make them oh so wonderful. You crossed the finish line in first place with them in the one mile race in 8th grade at Paul Revere Middle School setting the new school record. Those same legs took you to the back right corner booth at Cold Stone Creamery in Beavercreek, Ohio, on that blazing hot day in July of 2009 when you shared a Gotta Have It-sized cup of cake batter ice cream with your boyfriend. Then, five minutes later, he broke up with you on the reasoning that “Y’all have grown apart and it’s time to explore new options.” You swore that was the worst summer of your life… but look at you now! You’ve reached brilliant heights, and you’re standing on those same legs stronger than ever.