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Pep sessions: know your worth

Jul. 26, 2017
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Feeling stressed? Run-down? In need of some inspiration? Have I got the thing for you! Pep sessions are little pep talks you can read for a boost in your day. You can sit and soak up the pep talk like the underdog teams in ‘90s feel-good sports movies. Breathe in; breathe out: ahhhhh.   

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, don’t just take my word for it: you can try this technique out for yourself—right here, right now—with the pep session I’ve got for you right here. This pep session is about maintaining the standard of your worth.

Take a deep breath before you read.

One day, you might be sitting alone, thinking about the life you are currently living… and you might suddenly realize that something does not match up. The way your life looks isn’t sitting right with your inner person, your gut, your conscious—not one part of you approves. This isn’t about your emotions: you’re just being objective about where your life is at. You don’t approve of what is filling your life, at least not while knowing there is a different standard of living out there.

In your mind, you know that building a life which meets your own standard is possible. You have a vision for how you could build a great environment for yourself. You have a sense of how you will develop, the activities you will do, the people you will connect with, and the feeling of living. All in all, you only want to be at peace. You are ready to align your thoughts and actions in pursuit of being at peace.

When you decide you deserve better, you go and get it. You know better than to fall into the mistake of thinking someone will give you what you deserve. People either do not have the ability to give you what you are looking for or do not understand what you need. Very rarely does someone genuinely see your worth or point out the greatness of your worth to you. (Side note: when you find those people, stay in touch with them!) Whatever you need, go out and get it yourself. Don’t wait for someone to give you what you want.

When you are committed to giving yourself the best you can, the things you are working for will come to fruition. There is nothing wrong with doubling down on you. Recognizing your worth allows you to surround yourself with the necessary tools to achieve your goals. Placing yourself where you need to be allows you to flourish. You may grow and evolve in ways that might not have been possible otherwise.

Don’t give your passion and energy to an environment that only deteriorates your drive. Keep pushing. Confirm to yourself that you really believe in who you are. Knowing your worth does not include being stubborn in every situation. Knowing your worth does not include degrading, judging, or comparing others. Knowing your worth is not the same as believing that only “you” can get a job done. Knowing your worth is realizing where your standard begins.

Okay, break! Nice pep session. Do you feel uplifted? Refocused? Keep these thoughts with you as you go about your day—and know that, whenever you need a pep talk, this little sermon will be here waiting for you.