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Pep session: embracing opportunity

Nov. 27, 2017
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Time for a pep session!  These pep sessions are designed to hype you up for challenges that may come your way. Today’s pep session is about embracing opportunity. People tend to think there is one huge opportunity waiting somewhere out there that will change everything for them, and many of us long to be given that Cinderella moment out of nowhere. Most people don’t realize we are given opportunities on a regular basis. Once you get an opportunity, you should make the most of it.   

You wait, and wait, and wait for the day to come. You are waiting to finally have a chance to move forward—to be the group project leader, or collaborate with people whose work you love, or make the winning shot for your team. Everyone is always hoping for an opportunity. Unfortunately, not everyone steps up to the plate when the opportunity comes. 

There are many times when people do not seize an opportunity, and they don’t even realize that they are missing out. The truth is, each moment is a chance to test and improve yourself. These opportunities could help you learn more about yourself. If you are a basketball player, every shot is a chance. If you are a spelling bee contestant, every word is a chance. If you are a dancer, every dance is a chance. Whatever you are, and whatever you do, those seemingly minor moments are major in the long run.

Each opportunity is a chance to make history. Those little “in-between” moments are eligible to become the game-changing moment of your life. Forget your dreams of “overnight success”:  we’re talking about the real game-changing moments, the ones that turn into the milestones of your life. Every tiny opportunity is a chance to build your character, your story. These tiny moments are the ones you’ll look back on, the ones that will contribute to who you become. 

Then you have opportunities that are bigger, like being chosen for an internship. Here is your opportunity to shine! When you get an opportunity to showcase your skill and create an impact, it’s on you to completely embrace the experience. Get as much out of the experience as you can by involving yourself fully in what you do. Why talk about how you want to do this and that so badly if you flake when the chance does come? Don’t flake. Sure, we’re all bound to have mishaps and fails, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to fail by letting yourself not try.

Everyone does get more than one chance in life. The catch is that the same exact opportunity rarely comes twice—maybe the opportunity is similar, but it will not be the same. When you finally get an opportunity, run with it. It may not be the opportunity you want, but at least it is a chance to showcase your ability. Remind yourself, “Hey. This a chance to show what you’ve got”—and make yourself proud! Make sure you’re able to say you tried and gave it your best shot. Nobody likes having a list of “what ifs”.

Okay, break! Nice pep session. Do you feel uplifted? Refocused? Keep these thoughts with you as you go about your day—and know that, whenever you need a pep talk, this little sermon will be here waiting for you.