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Pep session: "now" will become "a year ago"

Jan. 25, 2018
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Time for a pep session! These pep sessions are designed to hype you up for challenges that may come your way. This session is all about seizing the moment and making the most of the time you have. In need of some motivation? Read on!

When you’re young, you feel like life is so far ahead of you. Every life milestone seems ages away, and we anticipate our future selves with excitement. Prom, graduation, "landmark" ages like 16 and 21 and 30, first love, first heartbreak, achievements, and other milestones are viewed as mystical moments waiting for us to arrive. Eventually, though, we are on the other side of many adolescent milestones looking back at ourselves. Now, we imagine much closer milestones. What will I be like in a year? What will I be like next month? Right now you may be worried about your future, but the future is always closer than you think. 

Time passes quickly. You think you have all this time ahead of you, and maybe you do, but time sneaks by. You’ll see the time you've been looking forward to has come—or perhaps has already passed. So, the bigger question is: What do you want to see when you look back? The moments and habits you build now will remain with you as a memory. The chance of changing is 100% possible, but how and who you were yesterday will always remain as it was during that time.

Once you go to bed and awake in the morning, yesterday is gone. This is not a bad thing—It's better to realize you only have one chance at today. The good part is, you have tomorrow! Do you see the chain? You wake up, look at yesterday, and think about your future today. Then at the end of the day you think about what you did today, and think of how you would like to live tomorrow. You wake up again, and guess what? Tomorrow is today.

Certainly, what you begin now can develop into a much bigger part of your life. You may be trying a new hobby or building a new habit. You’ll be excited to see how you change over the next few days, weeks, or months. Please live wholeheartedly, and sincerely. Before you know it, “now” will be “a year ago”—how do want the past year to look when you reflect on it later? Work towards creating a life to complement your soul and the person you want to be. You might find that you experience way more positivity than you could have imagined.

Cherish your moments. People spend years letting time slip by, only to be left wondering why they didn’t invest in themselves more. Remember: once today is done, the day is gone. It will be another day of statistics for history books to record. But your life is not just figures and numbers—your life is love, laughs, hardships, triumphs, embarrassments, achievements, tiredness, strength, family, friends, interests, milestones, and everything in between. Keep working towards a life you don’t mind living. You don’t want to view your life as something you toss around. Make conscious decisions in your life. Life may not be everything you want it to be, but it will still be yours, and it can still be great.