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Pep session: make more room for yourself with a mind declutter

Oct. 19, 2017
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Time for a PEP SESSION! It’s been a rough week, huh? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Today’s pep session is about decluttering your mind. Tidying up the mind will help you manage stress and make things feel a lot less complicated. Let’s dive in! 

What is your mind filled with? Dreams? Worries? Scenarios? Tasks? The mind is the starting point for events in real life. Our thoughts effectively influence our mood. We convince ourselves to look on the brighter side, or bring to bear a pessimistic attitude. Thoughts create a bias in how we process information. The mind is packed with that information, and sometimes it’s just too much.

Our minds can get stuffed with information we do not need—let’s call this mental junk “mind clutter”. Piles and piles of useless worries are holding you back from more positive outcomes. People have a habit of accumulating negative thoughts, which leads them to repeatedly nag themselves over the smallest concerns. That collection of thoughts is accompanied by exaggerated worst-case scenarios and negative self-talk. Free yourself up!

Mind clutter stops you from making clear decisions. You will constantly be pulled back and forth by never-ending worries. Soon, your brain will be working overtime to spin proof for your worst-case-scenario theories out of the one-in-a-million coincidences you’ve spotted. Mind clutter makes every choice take longer. Your mind will be buzzing. When your mind has too much to process, eventually your mind will freeze on you—leaving you waiting for the on-air signal.

Your mind is a tool. Knowledge is powerful. Creativity is powerful. Communication is powerful. Self-discipline is powerful. Empathy is powerful. Use your mind to build your instincts for more positive skills. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow into a better space. You can only grow if there is space—which means you need to declutter your mind of all the non-essentials.

Think of decluttering your mind the same way you would cleaning any other room. Similar to how a space can affect your work, so can your mind: an unorganized room packed with unnecessary items is distracting, and clearing space to rearrange and organize brings up your mood. Likewise, once your mind is not blocked by the mess surrounding you, a new feeling of freedom comes, and you are more motivated. Thoughts tend to be a lot less organized than the objects in an actual room, but the point is to keep your mind clear of the unnecessary, stressful thoughts that are stopping you from living more freely.

Got a looming theory about your ex’s new boo taking up space in your brain? An oversize obsession with your high-school rival’s Instagram? A fruitless but seductive WebMD habit luring you into hypochondria? Toss it all out. Those piles of thoughts you have are taking up room. Thousands of thoughts hang on the walls of your mind, crammed into corners or pushed far to the side. Those thoughts need to leave. That space belongs to what will flourish and blossom. Let go of that dragging feeling. Feel the heaviness pull away from you. 

Release the tension. Let your shoulders down. Un-crinkle those eyebrows. Breathe.

The world seems a bit lighter when your give yourself space.

Okay, break! Nice pep session. Do you feel uplifted? Refocused? Keep these thoughts with you as you go about your day—and know that, whenever you need a pep talk, this little sermon will be here waiting for you.