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Fashion Our favorite sustainable designers

Oct. 2, 2019
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Thanks to climate change, young people are officially in panic mode. And because of this, events like London Fashion Week are calling into question their own implications for the environment.

I’ve always viewed each Fashion Week as an opportunity to showcase creativity, but I never considered its eco-conscious consequences. Last month, though, I was lucky enough to attend a sustainability panel and show that gave me a grip on how important creating alternative fashion is and what it can do for our planet.

Thankfully, the British Fashion Council agrees that things need to change. So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite progressive designers and brands that blessed this year’s London Fashion Week. By creating a much-needed political or environmental stir in the industry, these brands and designers have exceeded expectations on what it means to be innovative in an oversaturated market. 

VIN + OMI (@vinandomi)  

“We aren’t just a fashion label, we’re an ideology.” – Vin and Omi

Not only are Vin and Omi award-winning designers and multifaceted creators—they’re pioneers of sustainable fabrics and materials. By growing plants and crops outside one of their studios in the English Countryside, they can create new textures to fit their creations.

For Fashion Week, these two partnered with 22 different clean-up organizations—and with Prince Charles himself—here in the UK to reuse leftover waste for good. This isn’t the first time they’ve ventured into recycled materials or partnering with clean-up organizations to create show-stopping pieces, either. Their brand is a true testament to originality and sustainability.

BIRDSONG (@BirdsongLondon)

Co-founders Sophie and Sarah and designer Susanna launched a crowdfund for a size-inclusive sustainable collection just in time for London Fashion Week. Birdsong is unique in that it’s making ethical pieces accessible for bigger and smaller sizes. It’s incredibly difficult to find such an accommodating brand. 

Their packaging process also provides jobs through Unity Works in London, which gives people with learning disabilities occupations and apprenticeships in warehousing. 

Birdsong also offers information on their traceability and accountability. Now that is inspiring.

STAY WILD SWIM (@staywildswim)

Stay Wild Swim is a premium swimwear brand produced here in London, and its products are all comprised of recycled plastic found in the ocean. Each piece has a purpose; to recycle plastic and make every woman feel confident whilst doing it.

The brand focuses on regenerating materials to minimize waste and plastic pollution which is an amazing way to contribute to fashion without creating more material. 

Founders Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk are two powerhouses centering their brand on their passion for cleaner oceans. Minimalistic, clean-cut, and beautifully classic, Stay Wild Swim promotes body positivity and understands that you don’t have to compromise comfort or style for eco-friendly clothes.

Special thanks to PAUSE and Birdsong for having me this LFW. Thank you to OXFAM for their statistics as well as the lovely Jemma and Ella over on @storiesbehindthings for sharing so many facts and opinions on the ethics of London Fashion Week. I also want to thank Fashion Revolution and The British Fashion Council for encouraging change in the industry alongside these amazing brands for standing out and stepping up for our planet.