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Fashion Flying Solo at NYFW

Mar. 1, 2019
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I woke up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning, ready to take my ACT. I drove 45 minutes away to take my exam at a religious high school, only to find out the school doesn’t test on Saturdays—the test had been moved to the next day! But I was awake with no test to take, and I’d just received a PR email offering front-row seats for me and three friends at February Fashion Week. I called up all my hometown friends, but they were all asleep or taking the ACT at our high school.

So I hopped on the next train to NYC and grabbed a cup of Variety Coffee on the way to Chelsea. I called up my city friends, and we saw Flying Solo’s show at Pier 59. All of the featured designers are independent and new to the scene.

Some of my favorite looks included a hyperlink blue silhouette sweater-and-skirt combo and an extravagant, Valentine’s Day-ready dress. There were matching power suits in pastel pink and yellow, perfect for spring meetings.