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November Plum [SHORT FILM]

November Plum [SHORT FILM]

We're excited to premiere NOVEMBER PLUM, a short film by Bosnian artists Ena Mitrovski and Adolescent director Tajana Dedić-Starović.

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

"NOVEMBER PLUM is a short experimental film that forces the viewers to discipline their voyeurism by offering a frame of HER (character) and HER perspective. The film introduces you to her play and her dual loneliness, followed by authentic music and the voice of a man who utters her deepest thoughts full of challenging elements, reflections, and reminiscence. NOVEMBER PLUM is a film with mood swings, sound shifts, changes of decisions and intentions. She is in discrepancy with herself, the galaxies and the universe in her. The contradictions in her life are permanent. She is accustomed to live by the rules, to obey everything. She studies something like economics, which was not her intention, has few allies that she calls friends. She desperately, but secretly, falls in love with urban boys and tries to do her best to fit in. The day comes when she needs to resolve her indecision. In twenty-four hours, the viewers witness her actions and thoughts, such as her sexual fantasies, anger, confrontation with her mother, refusal of obedience, bad cooking habits, and meeting the love of her life. In the foreground, her everyday routine is broken by her thoughts and her fears. Day 259 is a day in her life where there is no more compromises. She no longer balances on the wire. It is over and she lets herself go."

Directed by Ena Mitrovski & Tajana Dedić-Starović
Written by Ena Mitrovski
Camera /Editor: Tajana Dedić-Starović
Sound Designer: Sebastian Zelić
Translation: Aleksa Janković

HER - Aleksandra Plahin
Narrator - Sebastian Zelić
1st Girl: Tara Trninić
2nd Girl: Dragana Ilić
3rd Girl: Milica Glogovac
HIM: Sebastian Zelić
2nd Boy: Nikola Lero
Boy in the 1st "Flash": Petar Miljanović
Boy in the 2nd "Flash": Miloš Orlić
Boy in the Club: Đorđe Ostić

Music by:
Sir Croissant Catrin Noise
Kralj Čačka
Ida Prester ft. Decay

Writer's Note

Reserve early, to avoid disappointment.

You have to let yourself be.
Let yourself do something unexpected at least once!

You should allow yourself a walk through the dark, a fall in the deep mud, to get lost in a great City, to sleep for 17 hours straight, to read Foucault’s Pendulumand much more.

You should allow yourself to make a movie at least once in your life, otherwise you could dissolve like a soap in a bath!

If you do not want to dissolve, you need:
Warm Bath
Nail Polish
A sharp Razor
Steel Nerves
And finally Lipstick.

What holds you back is:
And of course Money.

"We are Tajana and Ena. Tajana Dedić Starović is engaged in photography for 10 years and she loves it. Ena Mitrovski has been writing for over 15 years. We have known each other for less than three years and cooperate together in a small independent gallery in the apartment where their ideas arise. So far we have done wonders, but that is a story for another time.

This is their first film and we can rightly call it experimental. Ena plays with words, Tajana with image, playing together with space, movement and scene. Enjoying every second. They gathered young people who are for the first time are in these roles – not just in the role of actor but also sound designer, translator, costume designer.

Borrowing costumes, asking a friend to leave her own apartment, asking the club's owner to give us the club on a Saturday, asking by-passers to cross over to the other side, asking for no need for rude comments, asking... and all so that we can play!

Because at the end of the day it all comes down to the PLAY!

That's why our film November Plum was made. Plums do not grow in November but ours did!"