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Nicki Minaj Breaks Barriers, Channels Lil Kim With Nipple Pasty

Mar. 5, 2017
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The drama surrounding Nicki Minaj this week -which includes two diss tracks from Remy Ma- doesn't seem to be affecting the rapper too much. In fact, she seemed confident as ever while attending the Haider Ackermann show in Paris this weekend. Minaj took to Instagram to post a series of photos proving that she's neither phased by the rumors and gossip nor letting it get under her gorgeous, bare skin. 

via: Instagram

Her posts immediately caused a stir, as fans began comparing her look to that of Lil Kim's 1999 MTV VMA outfit, a purple  sequined body suit that exposed her left breast with a seashell-shaped pasty covering just her nipple.

Not only did Minaj confirm that she's doing just fine amidst the drama, her bold move is part of a movement to normalize the female body. 

#FreeTheNipple is nothing new, but it's a battle we as women must fight constantly

Last summer, a Montana high school student named Kaitlyn was sent home after someone complained that the way Kaitlyn was dressed made them "uncomfortable." She wasn't dressed provocatively by any means. She simply chose not to wear a bra that day, and god forbid any woman show the world that she does, in fact, have nipples. 

Kaitlyn's story is not an unusual one, and many more just like it have circulated the web in recent years, grabbing the Internet's attention. And thanks to social media, it has become apparent that women's dress codes, both at work and in school, contain far more "rules" than men's dress codes. 

Adding to that, the extreme reaction that some have to a woman breastfeeding in public (which leads to mothers cramming themselves and their babies in public restrooms to hide while nursing) is, perhaps, an even more urgent problem we have. 

So, we applaud you, Nicki Miniaj. Your confidence and willingness to break barriers is inspiring and beautiful, and we can only hope others follow suit. Because as more women refuse to be held to such oppressive standards, we get closer to someday living in a society that isn't so damn offended by the female body.

Because our bodies are not offensive, and what a woman chooses to wear -or not wear- does not define her worth. 

via: Instagram