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New beginnings

Sep. 21, 2017
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In this piece, I wanted to use a range of different motifs to explore what new beginnings mean to me and reiterate the concept in creative ways while focusing on the use of colour and symbols that resonated with the idea. I used the main focus of the girl in the middle as the catalyst. She is then framed by the sky with flowers growing out of her heart, and birds in the background. These details all symbolise unique aspects of new beginnings. In the background, the setting sun shows the continuous cycle of the sun and moon—always rising, setting, and beginning afresh. I also used soft and muted colors to focus on the focal point of the piece: the girl with flowers pouring out of her chest over her heart. The flowers signify and convey the concept of eternally growing and changing, which is something that I feel I should do regularly to stay healthy and creative. 

This is also linked to her heart to show that starting over comes from within, rather than just changing outward appearances as I tend to do.  

In essence, this piece lets me convey and visually articulate those feelings to connect with the physicality of the concept of change from within. I find that linking a conceptual image or feeling to a physical image or object can bring a sense of resonance to the onlooker. My ultimate aspiration is to communicate ideas that can be hard to grasp or materialise through the power of images.