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Music history monday: September 3rd

Sep. 3, 2018
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Today in music history, Ringo rejoined The Beatles! Didn’t know he left? Neither did we!

The day was August 22, 1968. Ringo Starr had given up on the band saying he “couldn’t take it anymore.” Supposedly, “there was no magic” left for Starr as he reflected on the band and his career. After twelve long and heartbreaking days apart, Ringo Starr rejoined The Beatles on September 3rd, 1968. Reports say his drum kit was awaiting him with dozens of flowers upon his return. 

Boy, are we glad Ringo came back! He showed up just in time to witness George Harrison’s guitar gently weep for The White Album. Could the guitar tears have been caused by loss of Ringo for the near two weeks he was gone? We may never know. 

Taking it back even further in time, we find that a spunky young jazz singer (and possible Italian Mafia member) began his solo singing career on this exact day as well. The skinny New Jersey kid was named Frank Sinatra, and the year was 1942. Little Frankie branched into the big world of solo stardom as he left his previous gig with Tommy Dorsey. Reportedly, as Sinatra left, Dorsey gave his farewell by saying “I hope you fall on your ass.” Dorsey never got what he hoped for and instead of falling, Sinatra ended up flying (and invited us to come with).

What else has September 3rd given us? 

Well, in 1979 Foreigner released their song “Dirty White Boy,” which just so happened to be a Monday not unlike today. Boyz II Men rested at the #1 spot in R&B charts in 1994 with their song “I’ll Make Love To You,” and we’ve been seduced ever since. That’s it for our quick music summary, but let us rejoice in today! Let us celebrate September 3rd on a Monday! And let us all thank God in our prayers tonight that most of us weren’t alive for those twelve hard days Ringo left The Beatles.