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Mother Earth

Mar. 27, 2018
Avatar ebony nicole.jpge735ca0e 6315 4e0e a948 af89d92bbd49

To me, the color green automatically sends a reminder of nature, relaxation, and beauty. During my summer days, I used to go to the park to have a clear mind and somehow, the nature would talk to me, comforting and molding me into something greater and better. At the park, I would constantly wish that I was back in Jamaica, where I also felt relaxed and at peace with myself. I wanted to convey and bring back these emotions in my photographs with the help of Xenon, the Jamaican queen herself. 

The flowers in Xenon’s shirt illustrate the tropical vibes of palm trees and coconuts that I encountered during my trip. By incorporating the green plants into my photos, I brought out a natural, vintage look to the photographs; from that alone, I felt relaxed while capturing and editing these photos. Moreover, I wanted to use plants to bring it all to life. I wanted to be different. You can never go wrong by being different.