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Menswear Trends for 2017

Jan. 23, 2017
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From powder blue to the revival of the seventies, menswear fashion trends have a lot in store for the New Year. But the biggest surprise of all is the boundaries menswear is breaking in 2017. ASOS even decided to use the fresh start to introduce their new line of men’s choker necklaces. Are you ready to try these bold runway trends for 2017?


If chokers aren’t your thing, don’t miss out in participating in a new wave of accessories. Try out the neckerchief instead. Big names like Raf Simmons and Louis Vuitton have been key players in introducing the neckerchief into 2017's menswear fashion trends. 


Ralph Lauren and Valentino decided to make this year a little simpler amidst a sea of layered outfits. The jumpsuit will keep you looking put together while allowing you to skip a couple steps in your morning routine. 

If the New Year is making you feel a bit nostalgic, try incorporating some of your favorite memories into your clothing. That’s right -- embrace your inner child, because fun prints like astronauts and animals are in style. Patches are back as well, and this time you won’t have to sell cookies to get one. 


Velvet has been a big hit in women’s fashion over the past year, but now it’s time to hand it over. And sequins…and metallics. Something tells me there’s enough of it to go around, though. From shoes to shirts, these eye-catching materials have made their mark on the runway. 


Sometimes less is more when it comes to fabrics. Designers like Y/Project and Off-White have introduced sheer tops onto the Spring 2017 runway. 

The color pallet for this year in menswear is none other than primary colors. Reds and yellows are making a bold statement on the runway, while powder blue is making a fashionable reappearance since the classic powder blue suit. 

Before jumping into 2017, let’s rewind to 1970. Gucci is embracing the revival with layered prints and bell-bottom pants, as they showcased during Menswear Week Fall/Winter 2016-2017. What does bringing back the 70’s mean? Well, it starts with stripes, exaggerated collar shirts, and denim. More big name brands are bringing the 70’s back to the runway by embracing the styles of the hippie era. This means loose layers, sandals, and long hair. 


Bold trends never die; exaggerated shoulders are making an even bolder comeback this year. Although the suit never goes unnoticed on the runway, 2017 is showcasing the new and improved silhouette in its architectural glory. 

2017 menswear is all about staying true to our fashion roots while jumping into the future. Mix and match different trends or stick to your favorite one. If anything, this year has already knocked down all boundaries on the runway. 

Photos by Riley Halliday