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Nov. 22, 2019
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This month's theme of “Indulgence” motivated me to discuss masturbation against an optimistic backdrop. More specifically, I wanted to share my own journey which has only recently reached a place of positivity and indulgence. 

Having spent my most formative adolescent years in full-time Catholic education, I found myself somewhat brainwashed by religious ideals. My education taught me that masturbation is a sin. 

Therefore, perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve had a complicated relationship with my own sexuality. Up until the age of 13, masturbation was my most secret indulgence. After that age, it became my most secret sin. My experiences with masturbation, sex, and sexual orientation have been difficult, hence their reoccurring presence in my work.

Whether you’re religious or not, female masturbation is still pretty taboo. I hope that making an honest film about my experiences will help others feel good about indulging in masturbation, too.