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Martha Gee: superstar [COMIC]

Dec. 15, 2017
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In this piece, I created a fictional character called Martha Gee. In this one-page comic, Martha is a representation of how anyone can be a superstar behind their phone screens. Nowadays, anyone can be an influencer without the people around them even knowing it. We are the generation that feeds on data, and we just want to capture the things that are happening in our lives. (Even if your cup of coffee is already cold and stale by the time you're finished 'gramming it, you have to get that perfect shot!) It's really scary but interesting at the same time how we can just connect to people around the world through the interweb. Influencers and bloggers have oddly become an essential part of our lives. I just hope that we take part in creating a more welcoming community, and we take part in doing good by being responsible for what we share.