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Love is magic: a photo series of pure love

Sep. 12, 2017
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I had the privilege to photograph pure love. After spending the day with these two women who literally turned a cloudy day sunny, it's hard for me to understand how hate and love can co-exist in the world. When I left them, I didn't feel a sense of longing for what they have; I didn't walk away wishing that I was in a relationship. Instead, I was left filled with their sunshine and bliss, with the knowledge that pure love in the world does exist.   

I can’t really tell if the concept of falling in love is getting scarier as I get older or not. Part of me says yes it is. I can’t tell if I will mistake lust for love again or be too open or perhaps too closed off. I don’t know why it has to be scary—it’s essentially two best friends making a commitment to be better best friends.

I remember lying next to somebody and not being able to fall asleep because our bones were almost resisting each other. I knew that it wasn’t love because it didn’t feel right and I couldn’t fall asleep. We just didn’t fit right. When two people are in love with each other, their energy is magical, so it only makes sense that their joints align with one and another—it’s yin and yang. I believe that it should feel like a constant flow of vitality, like running water. Love is unexplainable, unpredictable, and underrated. 

Love is magic.