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Ladies of punk

Aug. 19, 2017
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In this, the age of #resistance, it's easy to look around and come away with the impression that sticking it to The Man is, well, a man's game: men dominate all the hottest contrarian media; male politicians and pundits are being lauded for mastering the Capitol Hill clapback (even though none of them could ever dream of getting on Queen Maxine Waters' level); and don't even get us started on the toxic masculine vibes of the 2017 punk-rock scene.

But what if we were to tell you that women were the OG anti-establishmentarians of the music industry? It's true: women basically invented raging against the machine, and Megan Schaller's got just the comic to prove it. This week's comic is a tribute to all the badass ladies of punk who basically laid the groundwork for pretty much everything cool that's going on in music today. Say it with us: this one's for the ladies.

Megan Schaller is an artist and illustrator whose work is all about "celebrating pop culture thru Microsoft Paint". Check out her Instagram for rad reinterpretations of pop culture's most famous photographs, and check out her shop if you love her art so much you wanna wear it on your body every day for the rest of your life (like we do!).