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July Playlist

Jul. 7, 2017
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Summer has arrived, and with a vengeance: the July air is thick with a sweltering, swaggery heat, and it's even harder than usual to resist the siren song of a comfy bed with cool, crisp sheets. Is it just us, or do you kind of wanna spend all month sunbathing in the park and eating popsicles?

So: what's on your agenda for July? Road trips? Berry-picking? Camping adventures? Or maybe you're planning on spending 30 days straight at the pool, and 30 straight nights wandering from one free concert to the next? No matter your summer plans, it helps to have a killer soundtrack.

Fortunately for you, we're here to help with that!

Whether you're sweating out the summer in a big city or in the stifling quiet of some countryside enclave, we've got just the playlist for you. Our July playlist is jam-packed with sweet, sultry beats—just the kind meant for an afternoon spent lazing out in the sun—handpicked by our own Maris Jones. (As far as we're concerned, Maris can DJ our lives anytime she wants.)

Happy listening, and have a beautiful, blissed-out July!