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Friendship and fashion with Jasper and Alexandra

My name is Alexandra and my clothing is an extension of my being. My gender. My life! Each item of my clothing has a life of its own. I take great pleasure in getting dressed every day. Each outfit tells a story of my existence on any given day. I am a maximalist. Not a minimalist. I love color. I love texture. I love patterns. And I am sure as hell not afraid to mix them all together.

I have so much fun with what I wear. I am constantly looking for inspiration everywhere—whether it’s a silly little pigeon, a mixture of colors on a sign in a deli, my paintings, or a song I hear on the street here in NYC.

It’s so important to have a community and a support system that encourage you to keep being yourself. Jasper Soloff, the photographer who shot this series, is my collaborator, best friend, and inspiration. Jasper and I work on almost every project together because we understand one another creatively and professionally. We work well together, and we always have fun! He embraces my eccentricities as a person along with my personal style and I embrace his. “You look so hot” are usually the first words out of Jasper’s mouth when he sees me. “You are so beautiful,” “You are so talented,” “You are so intelligent,” and “I love you” are also things that are said between us every time we are together. This support allows us to dress how we please and feel powerful and confident in who we are and how we work. It also gives us the permission to feel hot while we do it!

I’m not afraid to get wacky. I used to dress up like it was Wacky Day in elementary school every day for weeks on end because it was fun! For me, one of the most fun things to do is be creative. 

Clothing is political. It says everything and nothing about you. It shows qualities of your inner life. Your soul. Or maybe it doesn’t. But in some way, your clothing says something about you. I choose my clothing and at the same time it chooses me.

I am always looking to express myself whether it’s in my acting, modeling, styling, or painting. I especially love doing so alongside Jasper, who is one of the most supportive and creative photographers and friends someone could have.

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