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January playlist

Jan. 23, 2018
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This is a playlist of songs I’ve had on rotation for a few months, some for years. I tend to pick a couple of songs and just sing them on loop every single day until I feel I’ve fully exhausted myself from them. These are about bewitching, being bewitched and crazed love, songs that act as some sort of spell. I like anything that brings back memories, and that I can sing along to. These to me create the perfect mood for the dark days of January in Canada: I listened to them a lot walking in the snowy streets of Toronto this month. The playlist starts off with that intense desire, the energy to pursue someone that may turn sour over time, with a certain longing and bitterness in the end. I feel my life is that endless cycle of falling in and out of love.

  1. “Fools Rush In”: This is maybe my favourite song of all time; I listen to it every day and sing it to my cat a lot. This is the version that was in the Marie Antoinette movie, and honestly still my favourite cover of it.

  2. “Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered”: I went through a really big Ella Fitzgerald phase this month, trying to remember what a hot summer day might feel like, and I think this is it.

  3. “Witchcraft”: I listened to this song a lot when I was in college and trying to win over my (first) girlfriend at the time. It reminds me of being in photo school and discovering myself and all that.

  4. “I Want To Be Evil”: I think this song is genius and a classic and I don’t know what else there is to say about it—just a really great song!!!

  5. “Magic Man”: This is a song for riding around cars with friends late at night. Also, I feel like I aspire to be whoever the magic man is.

  6. “Funnel Of Love”: I think I first heard this song on the But I'm A Cheerleader soundtrack? Wanda Jackson has a great voice, and I feel like there’s something a bit hypnotic about this song.

  7. “Crazy On You”: This song is for when you’ve fully fallen, putting all your attention on one person. Also a great late night song, in my opinion!

  8. “Myself To Myself”: My best friend showed me this song a while back as a reference for a band we are starting, so then I found myself listening to it on loop for a while to try and learn the drum patterns in it. I don’t know anything about this band, but there’s something very real to me about this song: it reminds me of that feeling of failing in love but still trying again and again.

  9. "Lovefool”: Also the perfect crazed love song in my opinion, and also just a very lovely melody.  

  10. “Train Song”: I recently got back into Vashti Bunyan because my foster cat is also named Vashti. I’ve been traveling back and forth between montreal and toronto a lot and this is such a good song for travelling—a lot of her songs are. I think she has just the loveliest voice. I highly recommend listening to “Where I Like To Stand” also.

  11. “Mephisto In The Water”: I first heard this song last year at a dinner party in the middle of the winter, when my friend Flora put it on and we somehow listened to it for an hour. What she does with her voice at the end of the song is really incredible. And it has that feeling of letting go, like the last breath of a season or a relationship. There’s something about listening to songs about spring/summer in the winter, also, when it feels like a vague memory.