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Sex & Love Ivy

Nov. 8, 2018
Avatar ebony nicole.jpge735ca0e 6315 4e0e a948 af89d92bbd49

Colors—I always think of you

You are the sunshine to my darkness

The words “I love you” could never be enough

I may be hard to love, but I will make a lover out of you

Your love is my drug

Until death do us part

I love you.

Terrell: What is love? 

Neika: Love is real. Love is the best thing to ever happen to me!

Terrell: Could someone truly love another person? 

Neika: Yes. When someone truly loves another person, they work with that person’s flaws forever… Real love is a battle, a risk, and pain. Real love is unconditional. 

Terrell: Can love last forever?

Neika: That’s the risk you are taking when you are willing to love someone. You just have to hope that the love is [so] strong that nothing [and] no one could make it die. 

In this generation, there are still huge stereotypes and misconceptions about what it means to love someone; these presumptions continue to dictate the way we think about and talk about dating. Therefore, for this particular shoot, I wanted to portray the ideas of unconditional love and power independent of skin color. With the help of my models, we can see the concept of two people being one in a relationship. People should embrace and cherish love like gold, because it’s the only thing that ties us all together. 

Thank you, Terrell and Neika.