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How To Rock Summer Fashion Past Labor Day

Aug. 9, 2016
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Summer is rapidly coming to an end. In weeks we will no longer be wearing sundresses and shorts. Many people believe that after Labor Day, all summer fashions should be put away and there are “rules” which should be honored. Here are the unwritten fashion rules and how to break them.

1. No white

There are mainly two shades of white when it comes to fashion and that is summer white (bright pure white color) and winter white (basically it’s an off white color, often with  a beige tone).  Wearing winter white is the easiest way to be in fashion and obey the “no white after labor day” rule. If you want to rebel, wear summer white into the fall by pairing it with earthy fall colors like green or brown.

2. No Polo Shirts

Polos can be worn year round, just with changes to meet the season. After Labor Day, the bright colored polos should be put away. Wear the darker colors and layer it with a cardigan, under a denim jacket, or over a long sleeved shirt. To make things even easier buy long sleeved polos for the colder weather months.

3. Shorts

For women, shorts can be worn into the fall by wearing them over opaque tights. They can also be paired with a thick duster style sweater. For men this is tricky, it’s best to put the shorts away once summer is officially over or as the temperature drops.

4. Sun dresses

The sun dresses that scream summer (lemons, bright colors, bright flowers, bees, etc.) should be put away when summer officially ends. Sun dresses that have darker colors and no distinctive summer patterns can be worn into early fall with tights or leggings underneath, paired with cute boots, cardigans, and fall jackets.

5. T-shirts and Tank Tops

T-shirts and Tank tops can be worn after Labor Day for sure. Once summer ends it’s best to put the brighter colored ones away. The darker colored tank tops and t-shirts can be worn underneath cardigans, sweaters, denim jackets, or layered over a long sleeved shirt.

6. No bright nail polish

This rule I break the most. In the winter you can catch me with neon green nails, in the summer if I feel like it I wear black. There are a ton of great colors for nails this fall, many of them aren't too bright, but not overly dark. Perfect if you want a balance for your nail polish colors.

The good thing about Labor Day is that it’s not officially the last day of summer. Depending on how quickly the weather changes, there could be a few weeks’ time in which you could transition your summer clothes into the fall.

If you want to extend the life of your summer threads, sort the items in your closet using the guidelines above, and you will master your own weather transition with style.

Cover Image by Hana Haley
Images via Where To Get It, Aliexpress, Cdn Girl, Broke and Chic, The Zoe Report