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How to make your room a holiday heaven

Dec. 18, 2017
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There’s no denying that some people get more into holiday decorating than others. While a few can expertly turn their homes into haunted houses for Halloween, others don’t even know where to buy a wreath for Christmas. I’d personally put myself somewhere in the middle of the scale. But whether you consider yourself a professional decorator, a complete beginner, or an inbetweener like me, a few simple tips will show you how to create holiday spirit within your room. Although this post comes at a perfect time for those looking to do some last-minute room decorating for Christmas, do not be tricked into thinking this is a strictly Christmas post—all of these tips and tricks can cross over from one holiday to the next! Basically, I’ve got you covered all the way from this New Year's Eve to the next. Your room will always be at least a little ready for the festivities!

1. Festive Food

The idea of keeping food in your room for the sake of holiday spirit might leave you wary, especially if you’re like me and your parents are always telling you to stop bringing food into your room, but hear me out. One thing that I personally do every holiday season is fill up a vase or mason jar with festive candy and keep it on my desk. I use candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, candy canes during Christmas, and anything else that gives me an excuse to keep candy in my room.

This decoration is great for three reasons:

  1. You’ll love yourself for keeping easily accessible candy in your room.
  2. Your friends will praise you for always having the best snacks at hand.
  3. It’s one of the easiest ways to inject a little festivity into your room.

2. Candles, Candles, Candles!

Yet another simple, effective way to give your room a festive boost. Pick a candle (any candle!) that has a scent that reminds you of the holiday you’re celebrating. Then burn it! The warm glow that candles give off is a perfect compliment to so many seasons and holidays. From fall to spring, burning a candle in your room can keep your space feeling welcoming and cozy. Plus, your room is going to smell ah-mazing.

3. Chalkboards

You’ve most likely seen this DIY everywhere, and for good reason! A DIY chalkboard is the simple multipurpose crafting project of your dreams. When you aren’t using it for doodles when you’re bored or to create a to-do list, you can cover a chalkboard with holiday designs or messages in a snap. If you’re not convinced that you’d be able to make a chalkboard on your own, premade ones can usually be found in home stores that still pack the same punch as homemade options. That said, DIYing a chalkboard is probably easier than you think!

4. Anything and Everything Plants

You would be surprised how much adding seasonal or festive plants to your room can help you channel a specific season or holiday. During spring and summer holidays, I like to bring in pressed flowers to my room. In the fall months for Thanksgiving and Halloween, I like to switch it up and keep a few small pumpkins on my shelves. You could even add some silver and gold to a potted plant to make it New Year’s Eve ready. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes, simply taking a step outside and collecting a few flowers, leaves, or branches can lead to the materials needed for a homemade garland or bouquet. Plants can truly make your space unique (as long as you take good care of them!).

Happy decorating!