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How To Deal With the Election Results

Nov. 16, 2016
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1. Alcohol. I mean, how could you not. Once I realized Hilary wasn’t going to win last night, I needed something to help me sleep through the night.


2. A great playlist. On my way into work, I passed a “F*ck Trump” sign spray painted across Los Angeles City Hall, and fear set in. My stomach was immediately upset because things are changing and it’s terrifying. Once I arrived to work, my coworkers looked like zombies. After Hillary’s concession speech, I felt myself tearing up. By the time my coworker started comparing the United States to Germany and Iran I had to draw the line. So I grabbed my iPod and listened to my newest playlist. Great music always makes things better, or at least more tolerable.

3. Talking about it… In moderation. It’s always helpful to talk about things that bother you. But I learned today that when you talk about a touchy topic too much, you start stressing yourself more. I was upset before work, but after my coworker started coming up with all of these “end of the world” scenarios I had to remove myself from the conversation.


4. Positive thinking. Sure, last night I went to Indeed (that link is to the Canadian site, in case you still want to relocate) and searched for Communications jobs in Vancouver, but it could be too early to panic. As I sat at my desk this morning rethinking getting married in the next four years and looking for a better paying job since the economy is predicted to crash, I realized: 1. that’s what they want (*DJ Khaled voice*: They don’t want you to win) and 2. there’s no point in self-inflicted suffering. I’m about to flourish just as planned. Besides, what better time than now to take in all this country has to offer and truly appreciate everything we may have taken for granted.


5. Prayer. I don’t know about y’all, but I was raised going to church every Sunday. Therefore, I’ve always leaned on God in times of hardship, fear, and even happiness. This morning when all of these different scenarios ran through my head and I felt my shoulders tensing and jaw clenching, I started to pray. At the end of the day, we have absolutely no control over what happens here. So we might as well leave it to God.iphy8

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