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How To Be a Cheap B*tch

Sep. 13, 2016
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Quick reminder, you can only be fashionable if you’re rich. Or if you have a dream and a couple dollars to your name, up to you. Since I’m not rich and you probably aren’t either because you’re a computer generated person forced to give my blog views, then I will offer some advice. To my fellow east coast-ers, especially ones living around the Boston area then check out Primark. I honestly have never spent LESS money in a store. I sound like I’m sponsoring them, but they definitely do not need anyones’ sponsorship because their prices are impeccable. The pants (above) and bag (below) are both from heaven, I mean Primark. Normally I would never go for pants like these, but they fit so well and I feel like I’m in a circus when I wear them, which is always a must have. My shoes I actually purchased for a school dance from Nordstrom rack for $20. The most expensive thing I’m wearing is no joke this navy blue Brandy Melville shirt, shocking really they would NEVER be overpriced.

Lately I have been very much into mixing warm and cool tones. As you can see in my room I love orange and blue together. I wish Primark had the bag pictured above in a rusty orange color, but the yellow was fun and the bag ended up being $14, much cheaper than the usual $30 Target bags. If you’re looking to steer away from the more minimalistic trend, then definitely try adding a fun color within your neutral ones. Not your cup of tea? A black bag would work perfectly, such as the black envelope purse hanging on my clothing rack. 

The watch pictured in the “featured image” is from Primark as well, and it was only $12. The rings I got for prom (I apologize I never did a get ready with me or anything for prom) and they were $10 for the set at Target. I am so happy to finally getting back into the things I love to do as I had to study for a huge exam, this will be the first of many new posts. Remember! You can’t put a price on fashion.

Images via Riley Halliday