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Homecoming queen

Nov. 9, 2017
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This series was aimed to be a celebration of girlhood and youth, something I think I missed out on growing up. I was the in-between generation and spent the first half of my teens without social media and the influence of the internet, it was a blessing and a curse. On one hand I was more practical and on the other I didn’t have any visible platform telling me everything I needed growing up, like it's okay to be awkward sometimes, it’s okay to not be super skinny and that in time you will find yourself. I’ve met my model Demi Smiles a few times and love hearing her talk about parties and boys and not quite knowing what to do after school. It also serves as a reminder that that time in my life has passed, which I find sad and also beautiful to think about.

The late teens are such a precious time to be a girl: those are final days in which you can really lay claim to any sort of innocence about the world. That innocence—that naivety about life—is something that should be celebrated, because ultimately when we grow up we don’t get it back.

The day of the shoot was super fun: we just spent the day putting on makeup and drinking tea. In a way, the photos were just a bonus.

Hair and makeup was provided by Nora Orthofer.
Model Agency: Savalas Models