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Narrative Holly In LA [SHORT FILM]

Mar. 22, 2019
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There's nothing Angelenos love more than complaining about L.A. Watch Kato Walker's hilarious character study on a classic Angeleno.

"Holly in LA" from Kato Walker on Vimeo

We made this piece with the hopes of trying to capture a very specific and entertaining character that lives within the LA pantheon. This is a sort of caricature of the “watch what I say, not what I do” nature that permeates some circles in Los Angeles. I’ve always loved seeing LA on film and was extremely inspired by movies from the era of the 80s. I love the way they portrayed cities in cinema in that era of film. Somehow those 80’s films are able to make one feel a sense of nostalgia for a time before they were born. 

Shooting it was a lot of fun. It was basically just Josh Makela who worked as the DP and Elena Rossi who was the principal actor and myself who wrote and directed it. Between us we split all the roles necessary to finish the project. 

Writing this was a lot of fun. An interesting fact and something I thought was really cool, was that the painting that sits behind Holly during the interview was actually painted by Elena's grandmother who was a dedicated painter in the 30s. We filmed the piece in Hollyhock Park, a historic neighborhood in Los Angeles. 

Written and Directed by Kato Walker
Director of Photography: Joshua Makela
Starring Elena Rossi