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Here's what it looks like to support single parents in school

Jun. 28, 2017
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Let's face it: between waking up on time, hashing out contradictory work and class schedules, and busting your butt to get all your homework squared away, keeping on top of schoolwork can be a challenge for any college student—let alone a single mom who must struggle to find childcare every single time she wants to go to class.

University of Tennessee student and 21-year-old single mom Morgan King knows the struggle firsthand. When she was unable to find childcare for her daughter Korbyn in time to attend one of her courses, she emailed her professor to explain her absence—fully expecting to suffer the typical consequences for missing a class (on a quiz day, no less!).

Fortunately for her, her professor had other ideas.

Honestly, Professor Hunter makes a pretty good point—what kind of Child and Family Studies professor would allow her student's education to suffer due to an inability to find childcare?

You'd be surprised, apparently. While it's becoming more common for professors to offer increased flexibility in such cases, Professor Hunter's response still stands out as pretty unusual... which would explain why Morgan's tweet quickly went viral. Fortunately, Professor Hunter didn't seem to mind:

We hear you, Sally!