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Here are our picks for the next Captain America

Mar. 16, 2017
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Ever since we found out that the next Avengers movie might be Chris Evans’ last as Captain America, we’ve been beside ourselves. What would we ever do without Chris Rogers’ ripped, Nazi-punching visage up on our screens?! But the more we thought about it, the more we realized this was a golden opportunity for the franchise—and we want to make sure Marvel makes the most of it. We asked around the office and came up with some suggestions on who should step up to fill that star-spangled uniform. 

Anthony Mackie - Sure, Anthony Mackie is already part of the Marvel cinematic universe—but his character Sam Wilson, currently known to Marvel audiences as the Falcon, recently became Captain America in the comics. Why not remain loyal to the source material and give Mackie that promotion? After all, we already know he’s up for the job of saving the day.

Sebastian Stan - Technically, if Marvel wants to be loyal to the comics, they should pass the mantle of Captain America to Sebastian Stan's character Bucky Barnes. Bucky inherited the title directly from Steve Rogers in the original comic books, making him the second-ever Captain America way back in the day.

 Trevante Rhodes - If the powers-that-be at Marvel want to introduce someone new to the role, they’re probably going to look for the most all-American actor they can find. Audiences might know Trevante Rhodes from his starring role in last year’s Moonlight—what’s more all-American than killin’ it in the first-ever black LGBT movie to win the Best Picture Oscar?

KJ Apa - Okay, so the CW’s Riverdale might not be the best tonal reference for the Captain America movies. But KJ Apa, who stars on the show as Archie Andrews, seems to have that naively-optimistic do-gooder thing down pat—oh, and he has abs for days. Sounds good to us.

Sean Connery - All right, maybe he’s a little old for the role. But we already know Sean Connery can handle a juggernaut franchise. And, hey, what’s wrong with shaking things up a little? (On an unrelated note, we're not asking Kevin for suggestions ever again.)