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Nov. 1, 2017
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If you’re in need of a cheap last minute Halloween costume, fear not: chances are you already have one somewhere in your house! I put together this entire shoot and all these costumes with things I already had at home and about $20 (give or take) of thrifted and bought props.

Angel: Chances are you have something white lying around. Throw it on (the looser, the better); do your bestest, glowiest makeup; and grab a pair of angel wings at Walmart for $10!

Killer Kitty: Everyone has black leggings! Pair those with a black top, line the edges with  black feather boa (Walmart $3.50), and throw on some cat ears (I already had some from when I was a kid). Fake blood completes your look! Whiskers and nose are optional, of course.

Witch: Again with the black attire—I had a sheer black slip, so I just threw that on over some sheer black leggings and a tank top. I used my witch cape and hat from a costume from when I was 10, but you can find those literally anywhere for super cheap (under $10). Red (or black) lipstick completes your look!

Ziggy Stardust: By far my personal fave. I bought a silver catsuit off Amazon last year for $16 and thrifted the red coat! Makeup is super easy—there are hundreds of Ziggy Stardust makeup tutorials online. Don’t stress; have fun with it!

Set: This is great for a low-key Halloween party! I threw up a white bed sheet and thumbtacked it to the wall. You can buy silver and iridescent fringe curtains from Walmart or Amazon for less than $5—thumbtack them over the sheet, then put some house lamps around your setup. (I used a tall lamp, a desk lamp on the floor, and a pink shaded night table lamp on the side.) Takes 10 minutes!

Have a fun and safe Halloween! It’s still not too late to get a costume and get out there!


Set, styling, photography, and art by Valheria Rocha ( // @valheria123)

Model: Rachel Walters (@rachelwalterss)