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Good Morning, YouTube!

Jul. 31, 2017
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Welcome to Good Morning, YouTube—your daily roundup of the best YouTube has to offer. Think of us as the digital version of your morning coffee, helping YouTube creatives and Adolescent readers alike rise and shine!    

Let’s face it: Mondays suck. But they suck a little less if you have something to keep you entertained. Well, we have just the ticket! Read on to see the best of what YouTube had to offer over the weekend.


Runtime: 5:22 || Genre: Lifestyle

Morning routines are a familiar concept, and morning routine videos are usually made from the same formula. But if you're preparing to be met with the standard stylings of a Morning Routine video here, well, stop.

The AM regime, for me, is a necessary evil. During it, I'm a grump all the way. (the grinch calls me for tips). But on rare occasions—provided I get the right amount of sleep—it can turn into a time for serene reflection. Arden makes that serenity look easy: with her beloved vinyl spinning, her tea piping and her peppiness unmatched, we follow her during sunrise. And we fully realise how beautiful the mornings can become—if you’ve got the right attitude and some good jam. Thank you, Arden.


Runtime: 3:52 || Genre: Music

I feel like I'm falling asleep for the last time; it may be the last time I see you. Doesn't really read like a pick-me-up first thing in the morning, does it? And I get that, but let me explain. This song explores a limbo, the freeness that accompanies the end of a relationship: the freefall knockout of falling out of love, smacking into loathe. Lou moves through the incendiary music with heartache tipping his voice through an outpour of lyrics. And with lines as wrenching as it's not you, but it isn't me either, the bitter realism of this song is sure to hit you right in the gut. I hope I can tempt you to a morning of goosebumps here.


Runtime: 4:41 || Genre: Vlog

We all hold within us a lifetime of stories. While some we'd only choose to flick through in dim light, there are other stories that outwardly cling to our being—stories whose pages dress our personality every day. Some stories end up occupying both types of spaces, and the journey from silent scribbles to worldwide announcement becomes a tale in itself. Dodie lets us hear a story not often told, and she does so with grace, redemption and strength, alongside the visual of Hedy's work. And for this, we truly thank them both.


Runtime: 1:46 || Genre: Poetry

WARNING: Cute dog in video. WARNING: very, very cute dog in video. However, I would like to make the wild claim that this dog, Levi, may not be the sweetest thing about this video. Angela’s charming imagination ushers us through a story full of potential realities; in this video, her words sweetly remind us how little we know about the history of others, and the suitcases they carry.


Runtime: 2:48 || Genre: Music

Welcome to the world, it’s a pretty funky mess, he sings lovingly to his daughter—and to us all. In a song wrapped wholly with parental guidance and uplift, Tom passionately encourages us to warm to the idea of new starts and fears thrown aside. Not shying away from zest, the video captures fathers and daughters alike as they listen to the piece with heart, affection and infectious joy. Our advice? Take the day on with this delightful ditty having doused your soul.

Well, there you have it: a collection of awesome content to start your day. Check back in with us tomorrow—we’ll have a brand-new set of videos ready for your brand-new morning!