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Do It Like the Locals: Buenos Aires

Aug. 15, 2016
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We at Adolescent have contributors from all over the world, living and experiencing life in exciting and unique ways. We turned to our director in Buenos Aires, Ruben Barrientos, to give us the best things about living in this vibrant city.

One of the amazing things about living in Buenos Aires is the fact that the city itself is a film capital. It produces around 170 films every year, and its movies are AWESOME. It opens the door to film goers to watch alternative films that commercial theaters would never screen. We even have a film festival called Bafici, where people from Buenos Aires gather together and watch national films for a whole month.

Is New York City the city that never sleeps? I guess so. The first time I got to Buenos Aires I couldn't believe how many parties there were in the city: Previa (a party before the party from 11 pm - 2 am), the party (2 am to 6 am), after party (6 am to 11 am), and of course after leaving the office… you can guess where people are going. Clubs are open from Monday to Sunday. Partying is the most important thing for Argentinians after water and food.

The center of the city, called microcentro, is the place where most tourists gather to take pictures. There is a huge obelisco surrounded by screens and lights that play advertisements. You could say it's a tiny version of Time Square.

Empanadas: These are one of the most popular foods from Buenos Aires. Empanadas are made by folding dough or bread with stuffing consisting of a variety of meat, cheese, huitlacoche, vegetables, and fruits. It´s a delicious snack you can eat after coming from a party.

Who's cooler than the Pope? Nobody! That's what people from Buenos Aires think. The Pope has become a national hero thanks to his liberal thoughts and radical beliefs.

There are so many aspects that make a city special. Go out and explore your own city and discover what makes living there truly unique.

Cover Image by Nirrimi Firebrace
Images by Ruben Barrientos and Valentina Nuvolari