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11 gifs that perfectly describe your period

Sep. 7, 2017
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Everyone who experiences periods knows that it is no picnic! From killer cramps to insatiable hunger, those 3-10 days of the month are a gauntlet that never gets any easier. (Related: is there anyone whose period is actually three days? Reveal yourself, and tell me your secrets!)  In any case, we got you.    

From cramps to bloating, we’ve found just the gifs to communicate your needs to the period-free people in your lives.

1) The week before your period

2) When you realize you’re bloated and hungry all the time because it’s period week

3) When your period sneaks up on you while you were wearing cute undies

4) But, hey, at least you’re not pregnant!

5) When a cramp hits you out of nowhere

6) When you’re trying to discreetly bring your purse full of tampons and pads to the bathroom and someone says “why are you bringing your purse with you?”  

7) On the bright side, you can get out of doing (most) things you don’t want to do with one simple phrase:

8) When you’re contemplating ways to use your heating pad without drawing attention to yourself

9) When you and your BFF realize your cycles have synced up

10) Sneaking to the kitchen for the 367th time to satisfy your cravings

11) Emerging from your period week STRONGER THAN EVER