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Forbidden fruit

May. 10, 2018
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My name is Jonathan Lovett and I'm a 17-year-old photographer. I shoot film of all mediums but almost never shoot digital. My work shows the variety among queer people and captures how vast our community is by looking at queer people in largely different situations. My work also explores culture, race, current events, and the general feeling of being alive. My photos span from portraiture to fashion photography to street photography—anything that evokes my emotions. I think that each person sees the world through a distinctly different lens, and my art is really just a window into how I see the world.

As a gay artist I feel as though it is important to lift up the queer people around me and make my own representation through art. Seeing queer people in art makes me want to succeed, so I want to do the same for others. That always keeps me motivated to keep creating.